About MT Warmline


For Montanans who live far away from services, there are few options for receiving support for mental illness without traveling long distances. Since 2009,  Mental Health America of Montana has created a “Virtual Drop-in Center,” which utilizes the telephone and internet to provide home-based support services for people with mental illness.

The Recovery Line is for people with a mental illness who want to talk to a peer (that is, a person who is in recovery for his or her own mental illness) about issues they are facing in their lives or with their treatment. It provides a friendly and understanding person for those who just need someone to talk to.

The Recovery Line is NOT a crisis line. However, responders of the Recovery Line can refer people who are considering suicide or are otherwise in crisis to appropriate services. Through three-way calling, they can get emergency or crisis services on the call immediately.   

Call to start your Recovery today: 1(877) 688- 3377