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Free Bipolar Support Groups

The Montana Warm Line, a program of Mental Health America of Montana, is proud to announce the implementation of a free (call-in) Bipolar Support Group!

No matter where one lives in the state, all that is needed is a phone to join this group.

The group is led by a Peer Group Facilitator diagnosed with Bipolar.

Our shared goal is to create a group that will support each member as they learn how to live more effectively with Bipolar Disorder.

 Each group runs for a six week period, with a different topic discussed each week.

Such topics include:

-Stress: What are my life stressors? How can I better address them?

-Better Relationships: How does bipolar affect my relationships? How can I improve them?

-Accomplishments: What are my goals? What types of methods and attitudes are needed to make them happen?

For more information about the group, click here.  

Groups are limited to 12 people per session, with new sessions opening every six weeks. Participants will be given a toll-free number to call and join in the group, which takes place Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:00 PM.


We are taking registrations now for group!

Please contact Julio for more info at 406-587-7774 or email here


-Recovery International also offers call-in support groups.  Find out more here.

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