Therapy On-Line – Photography around Montana (FB page)

It certainly seems like there is a lot of doom and gloom going around. I know for me, personally, I have been struggling to see the positives in the current situation we live in. One of the things that helps me get through tough times is photography. For the last thirteen years I have been getting out with my camera and taking pictures. Sometimes with a purpose in mind, other times just to photograph anything that catches my eye. That is the delightful thing about photography, there is something for everyone. Going out and taking pictures can be a great way to take the edge off of social distancing.
That is the beauty of living in Montana, is that there are lots of places to go, both urban and rural, to take pictures. I took this at a park a couple of days ago, and after looking at it, decided to try some different editing techniques to make the picture really stand out. I was easily able to get out and shoot this image while maintaining a healthy distance from others nearby, and the whole creative process from beginning to end was a great way of getting back to focusing on the positive things in life. The beauty that is in even just a single leaf.
I took this a few months ago, but, up until having the shelter-in-place order put out, I really had not had much time to edit it. Playing around with an image can be just as fun as taking the picture itself. The possibilities are nearly endless as to what you can do with a picture once you take it. This process is therapeutic for me.
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